Let’s FACE It: What You Need To Know About Your Skin

I know you don’t want me to say it, but you must drink your water! No but seriously, I’m not going to sit here and tell you my face is clear just because I drink water. Although I will tell you that’s a part of the reason! 


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This blog is not about drinking water. It’s about educating you on the basics of healthy skin. If no one ever told you before, I will- the health of your skin starts on the inside. It’s not solely based on the inside, obviously, but think “from inside out.” It’s what you put in and on your body.  

Disclaimer: Yes, there are people who can eat whatever and still have fabulous skin and we love that for them but if what you’re putting ON your skin isn't helping, then try improving what you’re putting IN your body. Eat cleaner, drink more water, don’t touch your face, these are just ground rules for a journey to healthy skin. “But water is nasty.” “It doesn't taste like anything.” “I don’t like water!” If that sounds like you, all I have to say is choose your hard. Water is basically a superfood (in my opinion). Not only does it help you stay hydrated inside and out (skin), drinking a decent amount of it aids in flushing your organs so they can serve you and your body properly and keep you running like a well-oiled machine. That’s a win win if you ask me! 


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I won’t bore you with things you already (should) know. I’ve bulleted some basic skin health and care tips below so your skin can begin to blossom once you implement them! You’re welcome. 

  • Know your skin type 

Is it dry? Oily? Normal? You need to know this so you can buy skincare that will be effective for you and not just popular products. Sometimes, this is the reason that the product isn’t working for you! 

  • Use upward circular motions to avoid pulling down on skin 

When applying anything to the face, use this method to avoid speeding up aging and saggy skin! 

  • Apply thinner products first 

Just as stated. Liquids first, serums next, then creams, finish with oils to seal in moisture. (Same for skin and hair!) 

  • Cleanse for at least 60 seconds 

Give it time! Then rinse thoroughly.  

  • Don't suffocate your skin by sleeping in makeup 

No excuses! How do you expect your pores to breathe?? 

  • Apply SPF to protect from sun rays 

Don’t skip out on this, seriously. We love the sun, but she can be harmful.  

  • Don't use harsh body soap on face 

Don’t you dare! Your face is delicate, your body is built differently.  

  • Don't use rough, abrasive scrubs 

These can really cause micro scratches, take the gentle route. 

  • Don't clog your pores with oils and butters 

The skin on the face is thinner than the body’s. If you use these on your face, make sure to cleanse very well. 

  • Use cool (cold if you can bear) water to keep skin tight 

Self-explanatory. (This is actually popular in Asian culture) 

  • Be careful with ingredients, skin absorbs whatever you put on it 

Read the labels! Go for more natural routes, if possible. 

  • Wash your hands very well before touching your face each time 

Treat your face like a newborn baby. It’s sensitive to germs, too! 

  • Pay attention to your skin and how it reacts to things 

Slow down and be more mindful. 

  • Don't over exfoliate 

This itself will cause breakouts! Exfoliating is NOT an everyday thing. Limit to once a week.  




For those wondering, I have dry and sensitive skin. Yes, I use my Blossom Skinn products on my face (people really ask me that). So, here’s what I do to keep my skin healthy in addition to the tips listed above: 

I spray my face with water to rehydrate it before applying products and whenever I feel like my face needs a mist.  

I use the Vitamin C serum so it can absorb into my skin first and then go in with an extra layer of hydration with the moisturizer. 

I only wash my face at night and rinse with warm water in morning and proceed to moisturize. A second cleaning isn’t necessary and would strip my skin of all its natural oils. Since I have dry skin, I need my natural oils.  

I only occasionally use the scrub to remove dead skin and I include my lips.  

I keep it simple; I don't like my face feeling heavy from a bunch of products.  

I make sure to moisturize my under eyes gently, that is my thinnest area of skin. 

I don't use drying products such as clay masks because they strip my skin due to eliminating oils.  

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